Pr. John Mathai

  • Sheffield UK
Our Pastor

The Bible says Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no other name other than the name of Jesus to save us from sin. Our purpose is nothing else but to lift the name of our Lord, as we can, and stand firm in the rock of sound doctrine. If repentance and salvation is excluded from Gospel, that is not gospel then. What our forefathers found important and vital in gospel is ignored in many of the present time teaching and what were very common among early Christians such as miracles and signs, are used as propaganda to catch attention of the public. We question this approach towards miracles and request the viewers to ignore this type of gimmicks to make money. Spend your hard earned money wisely for the expansion of our Lords Kingdom. Let not someone deceive you. Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith. Let us look at Him and stand firm for His glory.

Jesus said, I am the Light of the world John 812. So we are called to be His witnesses till the end of the earth. Gods ministry should not be used as a source to make money. It is a source to transform the people who are in darkness, to the light that is Jesus Christ. Darkness is due to the sinful life of the people who are created by God in His own image. Satan is the author of all kind of sins and hence always tries to keep the man under his control. We need to fight against this darkness with the power of God. Repentance and salvation must be preached everywhere and we must always stick on sound doctrine. God would never compromise anything else with the true gospel. If someone teaches his own feelings and experiences we are not obliged to obey him instead discern the spirit and move on. In short, we have to make sure the message preached goes along rightly with the Word of God. May God who loved us and gave us his only begotten Son to make us worthy of his heavenly glory, open our hearts and our eyes.